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Sexy And Sensual

Art Photography Is Often Sexy And Sensual, but can also be about other expressions. An example of this is vulnerability, or the Naturalness of the Naked Human Body. In Art Photography, We Focus on Creating A Strong Personal Expression.

The Art Model

An Art Model Poses for a Drawing, a Painting, a Sculpture or a Photo Shoot. This work of art Portrays a Naked Human Being. Light and Shadow are used to Emphasize Body Shape and to Create Different Expressions.

Variety of Formats

We base our work on different formats, from very small to Pitch Big. Digital, High Quality Paper, Glass and Cloths, among other possibilities. Just contact us and together we find the best solution for Your Satisfaction.

Awesome Alternatives

The final work can be used as Your Own Collection of Your Photos, Gift for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Decoration of Your Home, Place, Office, Stand or as a Marketing Aid.

Personal Price

2 000 NOK that includes
1 hour photo shoot in studio and viewing beforehand
5 digital photos for private usage

Other Prices

Send us a price request regarding other artistic works and solutions. We will give you an reasonable price offer according to level of complicity, time and resource to accomplish the task.

Art Photography is not just what it looks like and feels like. Art Photography is how it works.

Art photography is the base for photographs to be taken as seriously as painting and due to that Art Photography is a way of creating photos with a painterly level of quality to most goals.

Art Photography creates related to our vision as photographers and what we aim to express. Art photography has contrast to photography representing someone or something; example: photojournalism, providing a story and objective reality dispite of what the photographer thinks; and commercial photography, where the primary object is to advertise products, services or events.