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Birth Photography

A child being born is a true miracle. Holding your child in your arms for the first time, seeing the person you have carried inside for months, dreamt about, sung to… It is a moment to hold on to forever.

Birth and labor are usually difficult to predict. These are not regular photo sessions; it’s always difficult to achieve the task beacuse of different factors like; example, lighting. During your labor and the birth of your child I will take some shots of what’s happening in the most natural possible way. I will always be sensitive to your needs as a laboring woman; Understanding the role of documenting in silence and uninterructibly. Some women will forget that i am even there.

This Is How It Works

Essential to birth photography is the preparation. We start by a casual meeting. For me as a photographer, I’d first like to know your thoughts about giving birth. We then go over the way in which you want the your pictures to be taken. The meeting also serves to get to know each other.

It is important to establish trust, so that it will feel natural when I am there during labor and birth. For this reason, it is most convenient that you get in touch halfway in your pregnancy.


I will schedule time both two weeks before and two weeks after your term. During this time, I will be available on my cell phone and able to come on short notice.

Another option is to book an appointment for the hours directly following birth. I will then arrive to take pictures within 48 hours after you have given birth.

The Labor

As soon as labor starts, you give me a call. I will stay with you until you have given birth. I shall stay in the background, and no pictures are taken without your consent. I keep in mind the things we have talked about in our meetings, so that the pictures turn out the way you wanted them to. The first hours in the life of your child are unique. Therefore, I stay with you also two hours after the child has been born.


You will get a number of 50 to 100 digital photos, the ones I consider the best. The pictures are for private usage. Should you wish, I can help you create the perfect photo album.


Birth photography 9 500 NOK
After birth photography 6 500 NOK
Pregnancy photos 4 500 NOK
Pregnancy + birth + after birth photos 16 500 NOK

Birth And Labor Are Very Amazing Moments. Document Those!

Document Your Labor.

Document The Birth Of Your Child.